Canvas Christmas tree

Its been awhile since we did canvases. So i decided to make a Handprint christmas tree with my diva, as it took a few tries to get it right as she hates to be directed when it comes to her art work.

What you need:

  • Canvas
  • Variety of different colour crylic paint of 1 must be green.
  • Green glitter
  • twigs
  • Craft glue
  • Star shape
  • Modge podge

How to make

Dip your toddlers hand in green paint. I found it easier to make the tree upside down. From the bottom up first make 1 print second row will be 2 hand prints, 3rd row will have 3 handprints depending on how big your canvas is continue till you reach the bottom but leave generous space for the tree trunk.

(It took a couple of attempts to get the tree right. so this canvas was a mess canvas to distract her in between the time i was preparing the one we will hang.)

Then i sprinkle some green glitter on the wet paint just to give it abit of shine. The leave to dry. Once dry i draw lines on the tree for the christmas lights and dip toddlers fingers in various colour paint and make bulb finger prints. And let dry.

Once dry i glue the star shape on the top of the tree. Also i didnt have brown paint to draw the tree stump so i gathered twigs and glued it on the canvas  fro the tree stump.

Then when everything is completely dry give it a coat of modge to seal the artwork. i also put a date on all artwork as one tend to forget how old they where when it was done.

so this is my divas end result of her mess canvas. I kept mostly to the colours i used on the tree so it can be displayed together.Our art wall display.


Felt Christmas tree

As Christmas is almost upon us I decided its time to start the Christmassy crafts I had my eye on. First on my list is the toddler felt Christmas tree. I want to do this so that my diva will have a tree for her own that she can decorate and redecorate. Also want to take it with on holiday so we would have a tree during the cristmas time as this tree is so compact to carry around in a suitcase.

I slowly but surely started cutting out shapes and started decorating them thinking I wanted to surprise my diva with a completed tree. But thought why not involve her in making the felt decorations for the tree. And that is what we did this weekend.

What you need:

  • ½ metre dark green felt ( for tree)
  • Different colour felt pieces  (for ornaments)
  • Embellishments like ribbon, buttons strips of felt, glitter glue ( actually anything your heart desires but keep in mind not to make it to heavy that the ornament doesn’t stick.)
  • Craft glue or glue gun

How to:

From the ½ metre of felt cut a tree shape. It can either be just a triangle or if you are brave like I tried to be you can try your hand at a branched tree. To make the branch tree much easier I measures out the one side with the jagged branch side and when I was happy folded the piece of material in half so I can cut both sides simultaneously so both sides look the same. Because I tried drawing the branches both sides and looked so lopsided and this technique worked perfectly. With the different colour pieces of felt I could only cut out what my artistic drawings could allow me, so its stars, circles hearts and diamond shapes free hand.

And then cut it out. Also I cut out big squares for the presents cause face it what Christmas tree is complete without pressies.

Then I let my diva decorate her felt decorations which she had a blast with. Had her own idea as to what to put on which shape.

Here are her creation. This is what I have made over the last weeks.

Will update you on when we put the tree and the decorations up


New Addition

As you probably can see i have been very scarces lately. Our household has been very busy with my photography business picking up because of the festive season and part that I’m exhausted all the time.. Why you may ask well!!!!!Yip we are expecting a new arrival on the 7th May 2013. We have just hit 15weeks and into my 2nd trimester so energy levels are picking up and already looking into christmas art to make for the festive season. So watch this space.