Quick crafts

I have been so hectic these last few weeks that i do not get time to posts the crafts my and my diva get up to over the weekend. So here is a quick run down of 3 basic crafts we have done over the last few weeks.

Toddler Toiletpaper Roll Bling

I used 3-4 Tp rolls for this craft. We used glitterpens, craft glue to stick on feathers, embellishments and other types of goodies. Then leave to dry once dry cut the TP roll into 3 parts and then thread a ribbon through and tie it and you have toddler TP bling


For her birthday she got a kit  (from Mr Price) with pre cut castle foam paper frame. it consisted out of a plain back in a shape of a castle then the front had a little door which i took off. I glued back an front together and gave her embellishments and glue that came with the kit. Eventhough she was very heavy handed with the glue i gave her cart blanche to decorate it. And when it was dry i put in a picture of her.
Toddler Bangles

My diva love wearing my jewelery so in the Kit mentioned above there were these plain strips of foam paper. So i decided to make some more bling. This time a bracelet. Again she made her own design with glue and stickers and once she was finish her creation was dry i glued the ends together to form a closed circle. she loves wearing her bracelet.