DIY wrapping paper

December ’11 i had a brilliant idea to incorporate My diva into the presents. I decided to buy plain paper and let her paint on it to make our very own wrapping paper that we can wrap the families gifts in. It was a huge hit with all the family members. And we have now for the whole of 2012 been doing this. I have bought a roll of plain white paper. and depending on what my divas preference of craft things is has made wrapping paper. Last week we went to a birthday party and she decorated the paper with glue glitter and feathers. this week we are going to another birthday party and i decided to do painting a bit differently. I recycled and reused some old underarm roll on containers. I cleaned out the container and threw in some craft paint. It had a easy handle to grip. and all she needed to do was roll the container over the page. was actually the cleanest form of painting he have done thus far. I used pink and purple paint on the sheet of white paper. Its best for the paint to be a bit runny. For an easier application.

It was definately a new experience for her to paint like this but she loved it.

Well i helped to draw the flowers. And once she felt she had drawn enough we let it dry. and then wrapped the present.



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