This weekend I decided to do a DIY with a difference. I wanted to have a little Spa day with my little diva. So i went hunting for peel off cutex as my diva loves to try and help me when i put cutex on. I then made home made facials and scrubs as the chances of it landing in my divas mouth is very high, and we wouldnt want it to be non edible. so to cover all bases i made a avo mask for the face and a brown sugar and honey scrub for the hands.

AVO Mask

  • Very Ripe Avo
  • Oatmeal
  • Fresh Cream
  • Honey

Mash all ingredients together

Brown Sugar Scrub

  • Brown Sugar
  • Honey
  • Olive oil

Mix all ingredients together

We started off with the Avo mask. She was a bit hesitant to put this on as it was her first facial ever. So I had to show her That i put it on my face before she allowed me to put it on for her.

Then while the Mask was drying I started with cutting nails and applying the hand scrub. Preparing for what i knew was going to lots of fun. The applying cutex.

And the end result…

And then she had so much fun peeling off the cutex when we were all done.

So there you have it.. Our very first Mini Spa Afternoon.


Note: Just a special thanks to my DH for jumping in and helping to take photos of my in the spa day


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