Hairband display

I love putting hairbands on my little diva with her afro. So she has tons of hairbands as when ever i see a cute hairband my palm just itches to buy it. And my little diva loves choosing a hairband to wear with her outfits. I always have a problem as the hairbands have flowers on them and when i put it in the hair accessories containers the flowers or embellishments gets all creased up and makes it look less attractive. So then i decided to make a display where i can hang up the bands and display it. This transpired in my idea for the wall art to display my divas hairbands.

What you need:

  • Plywood cut out shapes ( i collected butterflies and flowers but any prefered shape will do)
  • Mini wooden pegs
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft glue
  • heavy duty 2 way tape

How to:

Paint your shape with the colours of your choice, I used purple and pink. and let dry. Once the paint is dried you can glue on the mini wooden pegs ( find these normally in craft shops, though if you are using bigger shapes you could opt for normal wooden pegs) I bought these mini pegs ages ago when my diva was a tiny baby. I liked the cute embelishments it had on. I thought it would come in handy some day.

Then cut the 2 way tape to size and stick it on the back and stick it to the wall where you want it. When it is sturdy then you can add the headbands.

I am still deciding to have it only butterflies in a rowOr alternate butterflies and flowers.Edited: i finally put up all the wall decor hairband holders.


Going to the Zoo

I have been to quite a few Zoo’s and not that fond of them as all the animals are usually in cages. So i was looking into a petting zoo that i could take my diva so she can get up close and personal with the animals. As she is quite scared of live animals as we do not have dogs or cats. She will admire them from afar but will run like the wind as soon as one even strolls her way. And as luck would have it a site called Groupon  was selling voucher deals to Kinderplaas Zoo translation “child farm zoo”. And when i looked it up i saw it was like 10min away from where i stayed. So i know with a place with “child” in its name it would definately be child friendly and the open 7days a week, which suited me fantastically as i could only go on a Saterday or Sunday. And compared to any other Zoo their entrance fee is dirt cheap at R15.
So Sonday Morning off me and my diva go to see the animals. Its in a suburb. But the inside of the Zoo has a real farmyard feel. We waited for a bit in their Teagarden as we were the first to arrive and the staff were still getting everything ready. My diva had a blast as the teagarden already had an array of  a cat, dog, chickens and bunnies running around, which warmed her up to the animal experience.

Then it was off to the farmyard. The owner told me that its a real experience to feed the animals as when you come in with the feed all the animals come towards you. And i didnt want my diva to have a coronary on the spot so i first took her in to get the lay of the land. so all the animals. Chickens, pigs, duck, bunnies, peacocks, etc were just strolling around with not a care in the world. I could take much photos with her glued to my hip so i put her down on these cutie pie little seats so she could safely get use to the animals from a distance.

And once she was comfortable we started walking around identifying all the animals she already knows from her books and what sounds they make. She had the most amazing look on the face when they actually make the sounds that we know they make.There is such a wide range of farm animals here. which makes for a great experience.

She was just so fascinated with all the animals especially the Bunnies.  The Donkey even gave us a great show by making his donkey sound. It was loud and so noisy and my diva first got a fright but pretty soon enjoyed the sound and was immitating it. So after her being more at ease walking around i went to go buy her the bucket of feed which is only R15. It has a carrot some leaves and a packet of seeds.Though i had to do all the feeding to the animals my diva watched with an open mouth at how the animals ate and even started telling me which animal i had to give the food too. I then showed her how to through the seeds. she loved throwing the seeds but she didnt threw it far enough so all the chicken came flocking to her feet. And that she wasnt too happy about. I had to pick her up. So now from the safety of her moms arms she was happy again to throw seeds  for the chickens eventhough its directly on my feet.And the view from ontop where the animals where eating the seeds at my feet..LOLI then taught her how to throw the seeds further away so that the animals would go eat away from her and only when she realised this is a better way to go she allowed me to put her down and she then fed the chickens on her own.So when it was time to go we said our goodbyes to all the animals and my diva especially said a very long goodbye to the donkey. Guess she grew fond of him.This was such a great experience at the Kinderplaas Zoo. Definately an activity I would recommend for all families in around Pretoria. The staff is super friendly and the animals too. no fear of animals hurting the little ones. Will have to bring my niece here when she comes to visit again. And will definately take my diva here again she had a blast.

Colouring in

For my divas birthday she got this doll  From Aunty Tarryn, that’s whole body can be coloured in and then you can wash the doll again to clean it and then store it for another days fun of colouring in.  She loved the doll and i love the use and re-use ability of this doll.Image



Weekend Photo Challange

this weekends Saterday photo challange was the word loud: So loud was my diva screethicng at the top of her voice for no apparent reason just because she can.The Sunday callange was animal: My and my diva went to the Kinderplaas Zoo and had an absolute blast. I promise to post the full story soon. All the animals are so tame that you can go right up close and personal to them. Love the little bunny that was sitting next to his little house.

SW Kiddies

Recently we went to a get together of moms and babes of a online forum i belong to Its so great seeing all the kiddies as we moms have share our experiences from planning our wedding till announcing our pregnancies, sharing our pregnancy experience to birthing experiences and now sharing raising kiddies experiences so we really have come a long way. So here is the beautiful kiddies of these super women.How these little people grow so fast….

DIY wrapping paper

December ’11 i had a brilliant idea to incorporate My diva into the presents. I decided to buy plain paper and let her paint on it to make our very own wrapping paper that we can wrap the families gifts in. It was a huge hit with all the family members. And we have now for the whole of 2012 been doing this. I have bought a roll of plain white paper. and depending on what my divas preference of craft things is has made wrapping paper. Last week we went to a birthday party and she decorated the paper with glue glitter and feathers. this week we are going to another birthday party and i decided to do painting a bit differently. I recycled and reused some old underarm roll on containers. I cleaned out the container and threw in some craft paint. It had a easy handle to grip. and all she needed to do was roll the container over the page. was actually the cleanest form of painting he have done thus far. I used pink and purple paint on the sheet of white paper. Its best for the paint to be a bit runny. For an easier application.

It was definately a new experience for her to paint like this but she loved it.

Well i helped to draw the flowers. And once she felt she had drawn enough we let it dry. and then wrapped the present.