Baking Queen

we have been doing  so much more outings these last few weeks and with my busy photography schedule we have not been able to do art and crafts. This weekend i made sure that i had atleast 1 day this weekend to spend lazying around with my little diva. I had a pack of pre mix muffin mix and thought it should be a relatively easy task for me and my diva. And she was all up for the challange.

what you need:

  • 1 bag Sasko Muffin premix
  • 200ml Water
  • 175ml Oil
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 eager Tot
  • Different colour gel food colourants ( we used red & blue)

How to make:

Open the pack and let your eager tot pour all the pre-mix in a bowl. i have to warn that this is a very messy job. so be warned. Then add add all the other ingredients to the flour mix and stir. Your tot might need a bit of help also with this one as the wet mix isnt  that easy to stir. But its fun to watch them try.Then scoop the batter in the muffin pan. We used individual silicone moulds. And once scooped in the moulds i added a dash of gel food colouring and give it a few swirls to make a 2-tone muffin. And Bake..Then the most fun part of the baking comes… Licking the bowl


Going to the Movies

Finally some animations on the big screen for my little diva to watch. Week before last we went to go watch Madagascar4 which she stayed glued to her seat for the whole entire movie and now Ice Age 4. She is not too big of a fan of Ice Age, she ended sitting on my lap for most of the movie. but one thing she loves about going to the movies is having the popcorn. Me and her was suppose to share the popcorn on this trip but she hogged it most of the time.

In motion

we didnt do any kiddie craft this weekend but instead I dragged the family along to help me with an assignment for my classes i recently enrolled in Photography classes. Felt abit stuck in a rut and enroll in the hope i would get inspired. So far I’m loving it. The assignment is capturing motion or the illusion of speed.

It was definately a team effort. Daddy had to do all the hard work, creating the motion by pushing her on the swing and the merry go round, and supervising the slide while me diva had a blast doing everything and me holding with one hand on for dear life on the merry go round and with the other taking photos. I’m sure we were a sight for sore eyes.

But this was the end result. And fun was had by all.

Body painting

Yesterday instead of doing the normal painting on canvas. I took out the facepainting pens I bought recently. Stripped both me and my diva to our t-shirts and gave her carte blanch on using us both as canvases. Oh she loved it. she literally sat more than 2 hours just writing on herself and on my legs and when my legs ran out of space to write on daddy was hauled in. this is definately a winner for indoors actvity.