Train to Cullinan

I wanted to make fathersday extra special this year. As hubby has been such an awesome partner and daddy. I could never imagine myself going through this journey alone. There is nothing ever that is a mommy only job..Ok maybe the only thing he will give a miss is helping our diva eat supper in the evening as some days she is so fussy i normally end up either making food twice for her as she doesnt like what i made the first time or its a whole coaxing execise where everything gets dipped in tomatoe sauce. But he will do everything from diaper change well now that she is potty trainined it means washing little panties, which in the beginning he said never ever but he has since then changed his tune as we want to teach our little diva how to wash her own panties.

So this year for fathers day i wanted to step away from the boring just going out for lunch and supper and planned a day trip out of town to Cullinan. that with the car its about 45min drive but with the train it was a 2hour drive. We would have breakfast on the train and I planned croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast as it was a chilly morning. I couldnt find regular size croissants so got miniture croisants that was about 10cm big. and my my diva loved them with cheese. for breakfast she had 3 croissants. She ate croisants whole day.My diva was so excited as it was her first time in a moving transport and not being strapped into a carseat. She was really besides herself.and hubby managed to take a few of me too.. Its nice having some proof that i was also there and not just always be beind the lens.My diva was just a energizer bunny. all over the place.and i knew i couldnt not be prepared for this journey so i had to bring along some supplies. i brought some building block which actually turned out pretty exciting for her as there is not just the alphabet on them there was little drwaing of things she recognises like apple and doggy, etc and this kept her quite busy for a while identifying everything on the blocks. I also brought one of the magnetic photoframes with and some craft things for her to make a fathersday frame for her daddy which she loved and enjoyed. She is getting to be a real pro now.i just gave her the letters in order and she put them so nicely next to each other.

We did a little sight seeing around Cullinan. It is really not a big town we walked the mainstreet with its stalls in less than 30minutes. but it was bubbling with life as there were plus minus 400 people with us on the train. I think if we came any other time it would have been very quiet.and with all the excitement of the train ride she had a very early nap for the day. but it was ok she napped while we prepared the food. We had our own little braai.Then when she woke the food was almost ready for lunch and she gave daddy a helping hand.And after lunch and all her sweets she could play it off at the playground. Then after such an eventful day we were back on the train and everyone was so tired.


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