Afternoon Surprise Treat Box

Everyday when i go pick my litte diva from creche i have a little surprise on her carseat waiting for her. I started off with the best of intentions with giving her non food but it just gotten easier to leave a little tin with 6 smarties or fruit cubes, etc.

Last week i was browsing the Crafters market and came a cross a raw material box and had an ah hah moment. to decorate it so after buying the box and getting some decorating things and paint. So each afternoon while me and my diva waits for her daddy i systematically decorated it. not easy as i have a toddler who also things she can help..

What you need:

  • Craft paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Box to decorate mine is wooden
  • Embellishments ( i got my diva’s name in wooden letters and then some wooden embellishments
  • Craft Glue

How to start:

Start by painting the box

Our Crafters market was brilliant as they had small little craft paintsĀ  because i really didnt need a whole tub of craft paint for this little project, and they had a nice idea of making a pallet to hold these little bottles. makes painting so much easier.

i used different colour craft paint to paint the embellishments. i decided to leave the name in raw wood. Once all the painting has been done and it is dry then you can start glueing the embellishments to the box.

Now my diva have a pretty box that houses her afternoon surprise.


2 thoughts on “Afternoon Surprise Treat Box

    • it is a great gift idea especially if you can get bigger box to put a pressie in and then just custom make it for the person or kiddie. thanks for the idea

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