Project DL


Me and my diva was working very hard over the weekend on a special project for fathersday. But as my dear hubby from time to time pop in on here i cant share it just yet. So you will just have to wait in baited breath till Sunday. Though what i can give you is a bit of after the fact shots  i got of her playing with bubbles i bought her that morning. Though she just could not get it right in making bubbles.

We were at the mall and there was a fairy station with fairies doing facepainting and i thought it would be nice for her to have it done seeing as we were gonna take photos right after that. She actually surprised me by sitting very still while the fairies painted her face.

and then the bubble liquid got finished as most fell out coz of the way she was holding it. and she still tried to get the last bit out.Just love the look of surprise that everything is done. Like mommy please make some more bubbles..


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