Handprint on tie

I was searching high and low for an idea for my diva to make for her grandfather for fathers day and came across this ingenious idea that made me me say “now why didn’t i think about that.” It was hand and feet print on a tie. what makes it such a perfect gift is that her grandfather wears one almost every day of the week. So he will definitely find an occasion to wear this creation. Dh saw the idea and even though he doesn’t like wearing ties he also wanted one. what you need:

  • Plain tie( i choose black varients)
  • fabric paint (colour of your choice i choose silver)

How to:

I throw some of the fabric paint on a palette and then rubbed my diva’s hands in it.  her hands just managed to fit on the tie. so took careful planning as to where to place it. This idea would work wonderful for smaller kiddies.

I read that you have to iron on the reverse of the fabric after you painted but a tie is tricky so i put a peace of fabric over the prints and ironed it like that. hope it works like this.


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