Imke’s Fairy Birthday Party

As promised in previos post I will dish all the photos i took at this magical fairy party Me and my little diva went to over the weekend. Imke turned 3 and her mommy held a fairy tale of a birthday to celebrate this occasion.

When we arrived we were greeted by a Fairy godmother that granted my diva to be a little fairy for the day. She then got her fairy attire to show she is a hard core fairy.

The decorations was breathtaking and spectacular. This mommy definately paid attentions to detail as everything was hand made to make this fairy party spectacular.

Oh and the birthday girl could hardly wait to open gifts. she was so excited when people arrived with the gifts that she opened some right there and then.. so cute to see that excited expression.

There were a crafts table where the kiddies could decorate their own gift boxes. Well as you know my diva is a craftaholic so she spendt almost the whole party sitting at the table taking her time in painting and decorating her box with almost everything on the table.

I had to drag her away from the table to come at least eat something.

Then it was time to play away the sugar high..

And i just love these photosPerfect fairy tale experience


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