My Diva’s Birthday party (pt2)

Finally after weeks of planning the day had finally arrived. It was a stressful yet exciting all wrapped into one. As i have no family around in helping me pull it off. Though i was so lucky to have found C’est La Vie that did all the decoration and the food so i did not have to stress about setting up and the party snacks. Just the special treats i made additionally for the arts and craft theme. I had nightmares about the arts and craft bag not being complete by the time the party started so that gift bag for the kiddies was packed almost a week before the party.

Disclaimer: I seem to keeping bumping my head with this. I’m a perfectionist and want things done a certain way and tend to want to be superwoman. And it seems that I really cant be planner, Hostess and photographer. One always lack and in this case it was my photography. I was so busy playing host that i didnt photographically do such a good job..LOL. I didnt photographed all the kiddies and even the ideas i had about what i wanted to photographed i didnt get too. So sad about this 😦

Edited: I realised that i actually didnt say what exactly the theme was. My diva loves Mickey and we also love to do arts and craft. And I know so many people say Mickey parties are done to death. So i thought we should do Mickey with a twist. Combine the Mickey and Arts and craft. Mbali has a Mickey Colour Adventure DVD with the episode Mickeys Artsy Arts and craft show. So I decided to take this episode as the theme of the party. And i just ran with it. And that is how the theme came about.

When i got to the venue they were already busy setting up. and the waitress that was alocated to our party was so helpful in setting up the arts things in the way that i have envisioned the partyAs centerpieces i found these cute easles that is about 10cm high. and was perfect for the A4 paintings that we have done over the course of the year to stand  on. and then balloons were placed in the middle and it just looked amazing. I bought these small tin containers to put in crayons, glitter, glitterglue and all other crafty decor things. they were so nice and colourful and definately tied the table together. I also had all the craft glue on the table so kiddies could easily get hold of them. This really brought together the craft theme. For table cards I took pages that i had at home which Mbali painted and cut it into tents and printed on paperstock “Mickey’s Art Supplies”  and randomly put it between the arts supplies on the table.Actually all the labels on the tables i did this way.

Here are the treats I made by myself…Lets start with the Rice Krispie paintbrushes.

I dont have step by step instructions of how i made it so i will just give the links as to where i got the recipe from.

Next up we have the Smarshmellows. Tought this was such a fun way to bring colours into the party. It is marshmellows dippied in melted chocolate topped with a smartie. Was so easy and quick to do. A side note: before buying the marshmellows make sure the mellows are not slanted. this works best with masrmellows that is neatly cut. else the plate looks abit untidy.

These cute lollies i did exactly the same as the Smarshmellows, but instead of using dark chocolate melts i used white chocolate melts and added pink coloured chocolate powder to the melted chocolate to turn it the cutsey pink colour with Pink smartie on top. and put it on a skewer to make it into a lollie.

The Birthday Cake..I am really loving how this idea fitted into the arts and craft theme. Cupcakes on a artist palette. And also a very cheap idea for a birthday cake.  Then after the candles are blown each kiddie gets a cupcake.

All the kiddies got a art supply bag for the party.

This bag contained:

  • letter from Mickey saying:

“There is no right or wrong when it comes to making art. Just make sure that you have fun, is the most important part. Splash a little paint, draw a little line.Just make sure that you have fun each and every time.

Lets make art….Mickey

  • Mickey Arts colouring book
  • Artist Paint Palette
  • Paint brush
  • Photoframe

All the kiddies got Mickey ears when they arrived. It was in a little picnic basket with the note “We got ears say cheers”  i bought a special Pink Minnie ears for my diva but she was not to impressed having one that looks different from all the other kiddies.

I wanted all the kiddies that came to take self portaits with a photoframe. But like i said once the party got started everthing was so hectic and the play area was more enticing for the kids than posing for a photo.Here are are a few I managed to capture.

See such cute pink Minnie ears but my diva was really not impressed with them. she wanted the black ears.The party started with the kids decorating the fridge magnet photoframe and they could decorate their party packs too, everything was up for decorating at this party. Though the photoframe i wont lie was most enjoyed by the mommies. Wish i could have captured more of the mommies in action. But my hostess duties out ranked my photography duty.After the successfulness of the photoframes we moved on to the painting of canvases. I think the photoframe activity really got these little ones creative juices flowing as they made the most spectacular paintings.

And after all the activity it was time to sing Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl. Thanks to My dear freind and fellow photographer Karin. She took my camera and manage to sneak me into some of the photos.. Thanks Karin.

My diva was in such a hurry to blow the candles while everyone was singing for her that i swear i probably lit the candles 7-10times before it got to the  blowing of the candles part.And then each kiddie got one of these huge cupcakes.. Sugar high i tell you. But luckily there was a huge playground where they could run that sugar high off.

Then after the sugar high my diva got to play it all off. Just love venues with beeeeg playgrounds.


9 thoughts on “My Diva’s Birthday party (pt2)

  1. Absolutely beautiful, wow! Really regret that we missed this party, what a great theme! Well done! Special memories. xx

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