Popsicle stick Photoframes

We are having an arts and craft Mickey and Minnie mouse party for my little diva this coming weekend. so watch this space for teh party pics. So in keeping with the arts and craft theme i was making a popsicle stick photoframe as a gift for the kiddies. where they can unleash their creativity by decorating the photoframe.

  • What you need:
  • 6 Popsicle sticks ( i was lucky to find coloured one’s at our local Plastic warehouse so didnt need to paint them. But i guess you can leave it plain as well
  • Fridge Magnets (optional)
  • Craft glue

How to:

Place sticks vertically paralel next to each other and put glue in the corners. But remember to have a little of the rounded stick edges sticking out.

Then place a pair of sticks horizontally over the glue. You can wait till its dry. or be like me that just continues regardless as i have 10 of these frames to do. Once the horizontal sticks are in place follow step 1 in putting glue on the edges of the horizontal sticks.

then place another pair of sticks vertically over the glue. these additional sticks will help keep the photo in place.

Then at each corner you can add a fridge magnet so it can be stuck to the fridge. ( I still have to do this.

While i was busy with the photoframes i gave my diva popsicle sticks of her own. i showed her what to do and she made it all from scratch. she put the frame together with my guidance.

Then after the frame was made. the fun began. I gave her lots of craft decor to choose from and a bottle of craft glue and she let her little imagination go wild with no interferance from momy.

and this was the end result of the first frame.

and second time round she truly let her imagination go wild as she knew what she was doing.

So this is what the kiddies at her party is in for. Lots of creative activities to do.


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