Happy Birthday my Diva pt1

On this day 2years agao at 14:10pm my life was changed in a blink. Nothing can ever prepare you for what a baby is all about. No amount of books or peoples advice compares to “on the job” training. You have made me learn so much about myself what i’m capable of and what i never thought i could manage to do. You help me push my boundaries and made me come out stronger on the other side.

I always thought when people say ” i cant imagine life without my child” to be so cliche. but now I’m the one using this cliche phrase. Truelly i cant remember how life was before you. It just feels like you have been here since forever and I cant imaging life without your little stubborn personality, your divaness, that sweet smile, Your hugs and kisses and love.

Everyday i look at you I’m reminded that you were made from the love me and yor daddy has for each other. & i Love you right to the moon and back.

She woke this morning with a cot filled with balloons. she was dumbstruck. Me and dh the night before blew up as many balloons as we could and filled the living room floor. together with her presents. when she saw the living room she let out a big “WOW”.

then she got to blow out the candles of her mini Kit Kat cake i made for her.

The it was off to creche where the festivities continued. She got to stand in front of the class with a fish hat as her class is called fishies. and the class sang for her Happy Birthday.

Then she got to blow out the candles of her second cake Kit Kat Rainbow smartie cake i made for her.

and what birthday would be complete with out photo’s of the birthday girl.

And here she is calling “oohh Toodles”


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday my Diva pt1

  1. Abolutely adorable! I love the third last photo of Mbali! She looks super cute in there! And the cake came out lovely my friend!!!!! Congrats once more on your little Divas Bday!

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