Books Galore!!!!


My diva has entered a phase where she is loving books. And our  collection especially of Dr Seuss books are growing. I have decided that instead of rewarding her with treats and sweets that i will reward her with books. When she moved to a new creche and i knew it was a traumatic experience i bought her  Green eggs and ham by Dr Seuss. We love to curl up on the bed after bathtime and just read a book before bedtime. its now  our little ritual.

I have also discovered Trace Moroney Books that deals with feelings. especially now that we have hit the terrible two’s. They are as scares as chicken teeth. But i have manage to find at random stores “I feel lonely” and “I feel sad”. I want these books so that i can read it to her when she is throwing tantrums. I am still looking for I feel happy, I feel love, I feel jealous.

Next to her bed there is a little corner, that i’m still planning to make a reading corner still thinking of what and how I want this corner too look like. But in the mean time i just threw some old pillows in the corner and my diva made herself comfortable to read a few books. I put a little book rack next to the corner so she can easily get out her books and read.



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