Mother’s day Flowers

I know its a bit early as Mother’s day is in 2weeks time but i thought id get a jump on it. as next week i have a jam packed photography weekend and I had the brilliant idea of instead of sending flowers to the grannies I would let my diva make flower art so that way it will last a very very long time. Plus i still need to post the artwork  to them, i thought this weekend was a great time to have made them.


canvas or paperstock

Kiddy paint ( for canvas i recommend acrylic paint as it last longer and doesnt smudge if you need to wipe the canvas)

Modge Podge (optional) to seal the canvas

How to:

cover kiddies hands in the desired colour paint and make a hand print. then Mommy can draw the stork of the flower. for the single flowers i took her thumb and made thumbprints for the leaves and the other i tried to draw leaves myself as she is still too small to draw. Then with the paint i just wrote mothers day wishes. Wait till its dry and seal the canvas with the modge.


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