Ice-cream Eggshell craft

As we planned to go out for ice-cream later that afternoon i decided to make a Ice-cream craft.

I have been collecting egg shells now for about 2 months i kid you not. We not very big egg eaters, so when we do make eggs i would wash them and pull out the membrane in the egg. Then leave them to dry and keep them in a bag where i can see them to remind me when i do eggs again.


  • egg shells
  • Paperstock ( any colour though i only have white)
  • Permanent marker
  • Cotton wool ( i only had little cotton pads so i let her tear it appart)
  • Craft glue

How to make it:

Draw the ice-cream cone on the paperstock with the permanent marker. I wont lie. its not my artistic work this. when we were in P.E. my mom drew a couple of simple images. and for this craft i just choose the ice-cream cone.

I gave the egshells to her in a bowl and and also gave her a spoon so she can take the back of the spoon to break it. but she felt it would be better breaking the shells one by one by hand. i had to dig in and showed her how to crush it properly by hand.

Put the craft glue in the area you will be using. and then sprinkle the eggshells over the craft glue. It doesnt matter if its too much eggshells as when it dries you can just shake off the exccess.

Then put craft glue on the ice-cream side of the picture.

Now stick the cotton wool on to give a fluffy ice-cream look.It is a very sticky exercise as the glue and cotton wool will stick to every thing, and for good measure you can just put some more glue ontop of the cotton wool and add some eggsells for some sprinkles. then when the art work is dry you can shake off the excess egshells.

Here is some pics taken with our phones of our Ice-cream treat


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