Calora baby of the year

I belong to a community of super South African mommies on the Calora Forum Which is a fantastic forum that we share memories, ask questions we think everyone else will think is dumb. You know when you can ask someone if the colour of your babies poop is normal and not get judged that you are among friends. Well last year May ( Mbali’s birthday month) she won baby of the month with this photo. she was eleven months and just started walking. Can you see the divaness written all over this girl??

In January 2012 the calora staff came in contact with me to say that i must please send a recent photo of her as the 12 babies that each won baby of the month respectively will be contestants in the baby of the year 2011. The Calora ladies voted and she was in the top 6 babies. and from there the Calora judges had to pick a winner. and on the 05th April 2012 the results was announced and my diva won.

She won a R5000voucher to spend on Calora Megashop as we please. I have been shopping up a storm this last couple of days. They have the cutest baby things and even home things. just love Calora.

And to say a little thank you for this generous gift my diva and I did a little thank you shoot.

And here is a little behind the scenes on our little shoot after work at daddy’s work, while we were waiting for him. Though my diva was so unpleasant, think she didnt get enough nap time during the day so was very emotional and teary. but we got the job done.

And don’t you just love the little diva pout!!!!



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