TP art

I have been gathering empty toilet roll for a while now and this weekend i decided to put it to use. I had a few blank Canvases left over from my last time i bought bulk canvases. and decided to make another Mbali creation.


  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paint (we used baby pink, cerise pink, blue & Silver)
  • Toilet paper inner roll
  • Cellotapy

Form the toilet paper roll into a heart shape and to keep the shape put cellotape around the roll. Squirt some blops of paint onto a plate or any other surface you want to use.

Then let your little darling just dip the roll and paint with it.

And what i do when the paint is fully dry is to seal it with a layer of modge podge and then with black acrylic paint write the date on the canvas so we dont forget when it was done.


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