To Do/Done board

This is a project i have been planning for awhile now. But had to figure in my mind out how i was going to do it as the original step by step was a bit much for me as i’m not good with powertools. I went to go look at craft shops and found at Jumnettes in Pretoria they order plywood cut outs so i placed my order for the scalloped board and waited until it came. last week after my Easter holiday they called me that it has arrived and yay i could start my project. Though its not finished yet i still have to find lettering to write the words “TO DO” & “DONE” but here is what i have so far. actually very excited at how it looks to date.


  • Scalloped Plywood board (ordered it from Jimnettes
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Steel sheeting (ou can get it at any hardware store. But i just took an old broken white board i bought for Mbali a while back and cut the white board steel sheet to the size i wanted)
  • Decorative pebbles
  • cliparts of your choice
  • Material flowers
  • buttons
  • Wooden letters
  • Black spray paint
  • Modge Podge
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Glossy hard paperstock
  • Magnetic strips ( i just used magnetic paper. You always get magaizes with recipes and things that you can put up on the fridge. I just cut out  the magnetic strips and used that)

How to:

Put a layer of modge on the scalloped plywood board and paste on the scapbook paper make sure to smooth out all bubbles. I put a heavy object ontop of the pasted paper to ensure it dries securely. when dry cut around the edges along the scalloped border of the board.

I measured how big i wanted the steel sheeting and cut it to size and then with my black spraypaint sprayed the sheet and let it dry ( i have 2 sheets as i’m also making my potty training board that looks just like the “to do” board.

I then cut out my printed Icons. i used brushing teeth, nap time, washing hair, making bed ( though at the moment she only helps me to put the pillows on the bed), bathing, combing hair and packing toys away. I just googled the activity i wanted and printed it. I the modge the clipart to the decor stones and let dry.

I then cut the magnetic strips to size and glue it on with craf glue to the stones. and once dry they are ready to be used.

Then i glue the steel sheet onto the scalloped board and glue on the wooden letter to spell out her name onto the board.

Then i measure and cut out then strips to make the lines dividers on the board. I also took the material flowers in different shapes and sizes and worked a small botton onto it and then glued it to the corners for just a little extra glam.

All that is left is the lettering for TO DO / DONE and add a ribbon to it so i can hang it up on the wall.


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