A New Creche

Yesterday was my divas first day at her new creche. And this time around it was definately more heartbreaking than the first time i had to drop her off. This time around she was aware of whats going on and was crying her little heart out when i had to leave. and once again like the first time i had a good cry in the parking lot of the creche. Felt like dejavu but this time its different school different age. My hubby was so supportive when i called him sobbing. He always knows just what to say to make me feel better.

The teacher said it takes the littlies about 2weeks to settle in. so will wait and see. But her crying isnt making it any easier.

Image(My diva in high spirit before we left for creche)

As i felt very guilty i bought her a Dr Seuss book, Green eggs and Ham as a “I’m sorry for the change” pressie. And she loves her book.


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