Magic Beans

This Easter i went to visit my family and my niece is 6years old. and thought this little magic trick would be perfect for her overactive imagination. I told her i consulted my wizard (she loves princess and magic stories) and he said i may share only this one magic bean trick with her and my diva. she was ecstatic. not only cos i will show her a magic trick but because i knew a wizard. Just gotta love kids.

What you would need:

Jellybeans ( choose the kiddies favourite colour)

Container to keep magic beans in

Big Lollipops

Containers to “plant” the magic beans ( i used cheap plastic pots for pot plants you can find at any garden shop)

Angelhair or shredded shiny paper


I presented them with the Jellybeans my wizard gave me.Image

Then i placed the styrofoam at the bottom and then told them to put in their magic jelly bean and filled it with angelhair. and told them that the beans can only grow over night when they are sleeping. This made for very early bed times.Image

I removed the jellybeans and planted a candy lollipop into the styrofoam. And when they woke up that morning 2 cute lollipops waiting for them and boy oh boy was my 6yr old niece surprised.



2 thoughts on “Magic Beans

  1. This is the cutest thing ever! Saw something like this on a webite and wanted to try it.

    Thanks for the inspiration, G!

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