Tin can storage

I was looking for something to house my arts and craft tits and tats in and was collecting tin cans of different heights because i knew an idea was just out there for me to use. Then i saw this brilliant idea on Pinterest. It was a tin caddy. and it was a brilliantly easy thing to do with my tin cans. So i set out this weekend to do a test run which i will put in my bathroom, hence the combs and hair accessories and makeup brushes.

What you need:

  • empty cleaned tins
  • Spray paint
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Craft glue
  • Modge (optional)

How To:

Spray the tin cans. (what helped me with not getting the spraypaint on everywhere was to first put a plastic grocery bag over my hand and then put the tin can over it and spraypaint. when done just slide it off and all the mess is on the plastic bag. when the can is dry cut scrapbook paper to the desired size you would like it to be on the can. Put craft glue on the scrapbook paper and stick it around the tin can. i think i’ll put a coat of lacquer or modge over it to seal it as it will be in the bathroom.

You can put any embellishments on that you desire to make it pretty.


Hello winter!!!!

Winter has finally arrived at our door step and I have been going boot crazy as there is a local store that has the most darling little boots for my diva. I realise now why she is such a shoe diva. Whenever she sees pretty shoes. I swear so far all the shoes that she has shown me in the shop is the most gorgeous little shoes, she will go “Mommy pretty” or Oooh siesiesie!!!” (meaning pretty). She has more gorgeous boots than me..LOL

Here is her growing collection. As i have my eyes on a few more of those boots at that shop.To make the denim shoe shot look more naturalon the brick wall i threw some dead leaves around them. Well my diva saw this and immediately set up her grey pair of boots for the shot. She put the grey boots down next to this little tree on the wall and then threw clumps of leaves around the shoe. So this is how her shoe shot were set up. I swear this is all her. My blooming photoshoot stylist.

I couldnt resist getting a mommy and daughter boot shot.

And ofcourse no shoot is complete without taking some magnificent photos of my little diva in action. Now it wasnt raining but as i left her “camera” at home and she threw a massive tantrum when i whipped out my camera she started screaming “my photo” which she says when she wants her camera. I had a umbrella in the car and had to distract her by giving her that to hold. Actually made for nice photos in the end.

Books Galore!!!!


My diva has entered a phase where she is loving books. And our  collection especially of Dr Seuss books are growing. I have decided that instead of rewarding her with treats and sweets that i will reward her with books. When she moved to a new creche and i knew it was a traumatic experience i bought her  Green eggs and ham by Dr Seuss. We love to curl up on the bed after bathtime and just read a book before bedtime. its now  our little ritual.

I have also discovered Trace Moroney Books that deals with feelings. especially now that we have hit the terrible two’s. They are as scares as chicken teeth. But i have manage to find at random stores “I feel lonely” and “I feel sad”. I want these books so that i can read it to her when she is throwing tantrums. I am still looking for I feel happy, I feel love, I feel jealous.

Next to her bed there is a little corner, that i’m still planning to make a reading corner still thinking of what and how I want this corner too look like. But in the mean time i just threw some old pillows in the corner and my diva made herself comfortable to read a few books. I put a little book rack next to the corner so she can easily get out her books and read.


Mother’s day Flowers

I know its a bit early as Mother’s day is in 2weeks time but i thought id get a jump on it. as next week i have a jam packed photography weekend and I had the brilliant idea of instead of sending flowers to the grannies I would let my diva make flower art so that way it will last a very very long time. Plus i still need to post the artwork  to them, i thought this weekend was a great time to have made them.


canvas or paperstock

Kiddy paint ( for canvas i recommend acrylic paint as it last longer and doesnt smudge if you need to wipe the canvas)

Modge Podge (optional) to seal the canvas

How to:

cover kiddies hands in the desired colour paint and make a hand print. then Mommy can draw the stork of the flower. for the single flowers i took her thumb and made thumbprints for the leaves and the other i tried to draw leaves myself as she is still too small to draw. Then with the paint i just wrote mothers day wishes. Wait till its dry and seal the canvas with the modge.

Ice-cream Eggshell craft

As we planned to go out for ice-cream later that afternoon i decided to make a Ice-cream craft.

I have been collecting egg shells now for about 2 months i kid you not. We not very big egg eaters, so when we do make eggs i would wash them and pull out the membrane in the egg. Then leave them to dry and keep them in a bag where i can see them to remind me when i do eggs again.


  • egg shells
  • Paperstock ( any colour though i only have white)
  • Permanent marker
  • Cotton wool ( i only had little cotton pads so i let her tear it appart)
  • Craft glue

How to make it:

Draw the ice-cream cone on the paperstock with the permanent marker. I wont lie. its not my artistic work this. when we were in P.E. my mom drew a couple of simple images. and for this craft i just choose the ice-cream cone.

I gave the egshells to her in a bowl and and also gave her a spoon so she can take the back of the spoon to break it. but she felt it would be better breaking the shells one by one by hand. i had to dig in and showed her how to crush it properly by hand.

Put the craft glue in the area you will be using. and then sprinkle the eggshells over the craft glue. It doesnt matter if its too much eggshells as when it dries you can just shake off the exccess.

Then put craft glue on the ice-cream side of the picture.

Now stick the cotton wool on to give a fluffy ice-cream look.It is a very sticky exercise as the glue and cotton wool will stick to every thing, and for good measure you can just put some more glue ontop of the cotton wool and add some eggsells for some sprinkles. then when the art work is dry you can shake off the excess egshells.

Here is some pics taken with our phones of our Ice-cream treat

Calora baby of the year

I belong to a community of super South African mommies on the Calora Forum Which is a fantastic forum that we share memories, ask questions we think everyone else will think is dumb. You know when you can ask someone if the colour of your babies poop is normal and not get judged that you are among friends. Well last year May ( Mbali’s birthday month) she won baby of the month with this photo. she was eleven months and just started walking. Can you see the divaness written all over this girl??

In January 2012 the calora staff came in contact with me to say that i must please send a recent photo of her as the 12 babies that each won baby of the month respectively will be contestants in the baby of the year 2011. The Calora ladies voted and she was in the top 6 babies. and from there the Calora judges had to pick a winner. and on the 05th April 2012 the results was announced and my diva won.

She won a R5000voucher to spend on Calora Megashop as we please. I have been shopping up a storm this last couple of days. They have the cutest baby things and even home things. just love Calora.

And to say a little thank you for this generous gift my diva and I did a little thank you shoot.

And here is a little behind the scenes on our little shoot after work at daddy’s work, while we were waiting for him. Though my diva was so unpleasant, think she didnt get enough nap time during the day so was very emotional and teary. but we got the job done.

And don’t you just love the little diva pout!!!!


TP art

I have been gathering empty toilet roll for a while now and this weekend i decided to put it to use. I had a few blank Canvases left over from my last time i bought bulk canvases. and decided to make another Mbali creation.


  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paint (we used baby pink, cerise pink, blue & Silver)
  • Toilet paper inner roll
  • Cellotapy

Form the toilet paper roll into a heart shape and to keep the shape put cellotape around the roll. Squirt some blops of paint onto a plate or any other surface you want to use.

Then let your little darling just dip the roll and paint with it.

And what i do when the paint is fully dry is to seal it with a layer of modge podge and then with black acrylic paint write the date on the canvas so we dont forget when it was done.