The start of new beginings

Today was the last day for my little diva at her creche. I loved the creche but alas it was time to move on. I decided to print out a photo of her on her first day at creche. so i can have a then and now photo. She was 4months old when she started there and now she is 22months old. wow what a difference, cant believe she grew up so fast.ImageThe Teacher appreciation presents.

after 2 months of wondering what i’m going to give the teachers that looked after her i decided on home made biscuits in a glass jar and a frame.


The jars I bought at Crazy store for R9 each and the twine i had in the house. The stickers i printed onto A4 sticker paperstock. So I just cut it out and for extra stick i put some craft glue on. then me and Mbali made Coconut nests to fill the bottles.


I made chalkboard name tags. I made home made chalkboard paint by mixing a teaspoon of grout ( all the US instructions said unsanded grout but here in SA no one knew what i was talking about so i just bought normal grout and it worked fine) to a half a cup acrylic paint. Then i took all those hundreds of business cards every salesman stuff in my hand over the years and painted it with the chalkboard paint. And when dry write with chalk the name.


And the best part of the gift was these cute “chalkboard” frames. I just love them and I bought them at China Mall. The normal price is R15 but because i bought more than 6 i got a discount and it cost me R12ea.

Here are some photos of my diva in her classroom for the last time. So sad that she had to leave.






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