Sensory bottles

Sensory bottles are bottles with different types of texture and liquids inside to captivate the kiddies. I came across this idea awhile ago and though i would have loved it for my diva when she was younger as she loved to shake things. They are so interesting i couldnt resist in making them. Now my diva enjoys looking at it and learning cause and effect. what will happen when she shakes it.

I have been gathering clear bottles now for a while and finally started my quest in making sensory bottles.

I still dont know what is the right name for these on the packet it said soil substitute, but its the tiny pebble you throw in the water overnight and then they expand into colourful balls.

Water, food colouring and olive oil

Eye-spy bottle. Uncooked rice with different trinkets that she have to identify. ( this bottle made her vocabulary develop in leaps and bounds.

water and these babyshower bottle decor trinkets i had left over from my babyshower.

Mind calming jar. Water with glitter and 3 tubes glitter glue and glycerine. when shaken the glitter makes pretty paterns and takes a couple of minutes to settle completely. great time out activity for the little one.


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