Mommy in action

I never had to plait hair before my little diva came onto the seen let alone manage ethnic hair. But when my little one was born she had a head full of hair that she inherited from her daddy. and so i had to learn how to manage this head of oh so much hair. My first attemp i was so impressed with myself but yes looking back i have to say “what was I thinking”.. LOL.

But since then i have gotten better at it and now its like second nature. I never gotten photos of me in action so I ask my dh this past weekend to please get some actions shots of me combing my little divas hear..

I had to become the master of distraction to get her to sit still. Before she could sit long enough to finish i had a hair accessories basket that she could only play with when i was doing her hair. so because she plays with it so little it was always fin for her to unpack it and play with all the bows and ribbons. Now she loves Barbie Movies which is such a blessing as she is so mesmorised by all the pretty colours that she doesnt even notice i’m combing the hair. else it is a disaster.


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