The very hungry catepillar theme

My dear daughter absoltely loves the hungry catepillar book and whenever we have a free time she would bring the book to me to read.

Yesterday was a public holiday here in South Africa, Human rights day and as she is still too young to understand this or do anything crafty in those lines i decided to take something from the book that she can do. I decided on the nature element of the book. on the first page the little egg sat on a leave in the tree.

So we were going to make a:

1. Tree 


What you will need:

A4/A3 white paperstock


Fresh Leaves

Fresh Grass

Fresh Flower

Craft Glue

How to make:

Draw tree on paper. and where the leaves must be put craft glue on and let your kiddie stick the leaves till their hearts content. at the bottom of the tree put glue and to the same as with the leaves.


I took my very eager toddler outdoor and told her we must pick grass leaves and flowers. and she did just that we filled a bag with leaves flowers and grass. then the fun and sticky part came sticking all the items down.

2. Leave Painting

My dear daughter had a ball of atime messing with the paint on the leave and on herself.


What you need:

A4 white cardstock

fingerpaints ( any colour you want)

paint brush

Big fresh leave

How to make it:

Go outdoors and pick the biggest leave you can find. Squirt some fingerpaint on a paperplate, for easy access for your kiddie. let them free paint the leave with the paints on the side where the vains are. then help them to place the leave on the card stock and gently lift it up and your painting is done.


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