Welcome to my artsy arts and craft blog

My name is Gaynor and i’m mommy to a little toddler diva called Mbali. Recently I had an “ah ha”  moment as to why we are having such a hard time with my diva over the weekends. she was just bored. I’m a fulltime working mommy that works a 8-4pm job and is starting up her own photography business and usually the little spare time i have on the weekends tended to want to veg out infront of the TV. and my diva needs to be busy as she is in creche whole day and is stimulated constantly so vegging out infront of the TV on weekends just dont work for her. she is a free spirit and if she can be outside and climb and slide then she is the happiest.

For a month now I have been sharing with other moms about our weekly activity that i found on Pinterest. It has really sparked up my love for all things DIY and soon i started doing crafts i got from there. This blog is just a place for me to share everything I have tried on Pinterest and other super ideas that will be fun for little ones. and some DIY mommy projects too.

I will just post and see where it goes from here..



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