The start of new beginings

Today was the last day for my little diva at her creche. I loved the creche but alas it was time to move on. I decided to print out a photo of her on her first day at creche. so i can have a then and now photo. She was 4months old when she started there and now she is 22months old. wow what a difference, cant believe she grew up so fast.ImageThe Teacher appreciation presents.

after 2 months of wondering what i’m going to give the teachers that looked after her i decided on home made biscuits in a glass jar and a frame.


The jars I bought at Crazy store for R9 each and the twine i had in the house. The stickers i printed onto A4 sticker paperstock. So I just cut it out and for extra stick i put some craft glue on. then me and Mbali made Coconut nests to fill the bottles.


I made chalkboard name tags. I made home made chalkboard paint by mixing a teaspoon of grout ( all the US instructions said unsanded grout but here in SA no one knew what i was talking about so i just bought normal grout and it worked fine) to a half a cup acrylic paint. Then i took all those hundreds of business cards every salesman stuff in my hand over the years and painted it with the chalkboard paint. And when dry write with chalk the name.


And the best part of the gift was these cute “chalkboard” frames. I just love them and I bought them at China Mall. The normal price is R15 but because i bought more than 6 i got a discount and it cost me R12ea.

Here are some photos of my diva in her classroom for the last time. So sad that she had to leave.






Sensory bottles

Sensory bottles are bottles with different types of texture and liquids inside to captivate the kiddies. I came across this idea awhile ago and though i would have loved it for my diva when she was younger as she loved to shake things. They are so interesting i couldnt resist in making them. Now my diva enjoys looking at it and learning cause and effect. what will happen when she shakes it.

I have been gathering clear bottles now for a while and finally started my quest in making sensory bottles.

I still dont know what is the right name for these on the packet it said soil substitute, but its the tiny pebble you throw in the water overnight and then they expand into colourful balls.

Water, food colouring and olive oil

Eye-spy bottle. Uncooked rice with different trinkets that she have to identify. ( this bottle made her vocabulary develop in leaps and bounds.

water and these babyshower bottle decor trinkets i had left over from my babyshower.

Mind calming jar. Water with glitter and 3 tubes glitter glue and glycerine. when shaken the glitter makes pretty paterns and takes a couple of minutes to settle completely. great time out activity for the little one.

Coconut nests

My diva is moving to a new creche and i wanted to bake some biscuits as a going away present for the teachers. Well we baked together, me and her, though she ate the dough more than anything else. My mom gave me a recipe she use to make for us when we were little, so this recipe holds a dear place in my heart.



150g softened butter
65ml sugar
1 egg separated
320ml cake flour
1ml salt
packet coconut

How to make it:
Cream butter and sugar. add yolk, sift flower and salt together and add to butter mixture. Roll dough into balls and dip in egg white which is beaten slightly ( a bit frothy but still see through). roll into coconut. place the ball on baking pan press a little indent on top of ball and add jam or cherries (I choose apricot jam). Bake for 10-15min

Mommy in action

I never had to plait hair before my little diva came onto the seen let alone manage ethnic hair. But when my little one was born she had a head full of hair that she inherited from her daddy. and so i had to learn how to manage this head of oh so much hair. My first attemp i was so impressed with myself but yes looking back i have to say “what was I thinking”.. LOL.

But since then i have gotten better at it and now its like second nature. I never gotten photos of me in action so I ask my dh this past weekend to please get some actions shots of me combing my little divas hear..

I had to become the master of distraction to get her to sit still. Before she could sit long enough to finish i had a hair accessories basket that she could only play with when i was doing her hair. so because she plays with it so little it was always fin for her to unpack it and play with all the bows and ribbons. Now she loves Barbie Movies which is such a blessing as she is so mesmorised by all the pretty colours that she doesnt even notice i’m combing the hair. else it is a disaster.

The very hungry catepillar theme

My dear daughter absoltely loves the hungry catepillar book and whenever we have a free time she would bring the book to me to read.

Yesterday was a public holiday here in South Africa, Human rights day and as she is still too young to understand this or do anything crafty in those lines i decided to take something from the book that she can do. I decided on the nature element of the book. on the first page the little egg sat on a leave in the tree.

So we were going to make a:

1. Tree 


What you will need:

A4/A3 white paperstock


Fresh Leaves

Fresh Grass

Fresh Flower

Craft Glue

How to make:

Draw tree on paper. and where the leaves must be put craft glue on and let your kiddie stick the leaves till their hearts content. at the bottom of the tree put glue and to the same as with the leaves.


I took my very eager toddler outdoor and told her we must pick grass leaves and flowers. and she did just that we filled a bag with leaves flowers and grass. then the fun and sticky part came sticking all the items down.

2. Leave Painting

My dear daughter had a ball of atime messing with the paint on the leave and on herself.


What you need:

A4 white cardstock

fingerpaints ( any colour you want)

paint brush

Big fresh leave

How to make it:

Go outdoors and pick the biggest leave you can find. Squirt some fingerpaint on a paperplate, for easy access for your kiddie. let them free paint the leave with the paints on the side where the vains are. then help them to place the leave on the card stock and gently lift it up and your painting is done.

Chocolaty fun

I got a Biscuit fudge recipe the other day and decided to make it with my diva. She is really enjoying baking. though she eats more than anything really. that will end up as a sugar high. So I try to always bake when it is her snack time around 9:30am – 10am . If she does get sugar high then she has a couple of hours to bounce off the walls to get rid of all the extra energy.

The recipe:

2 packs marie biscuits
500g icing sugar
250g butter, melted
2 eggs, beaten
3 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla essence

1) Begin by breaking up the biscuits into little pieces in a suitable size bowl; set aside.
2) Mix the two beaten eggs thoroughly with the melted butter.
3) Add the icing sugar, cocoa and vanilla essence and mix well.
4) Add the biscuit pieces and mix roughly.
5) Spread mixture evenly in a baking tray.
6) Refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
7) Cut the fudge into squares.
8) Store in the fridge.

I let my diva mix all the ingredients. was a mission to keep her from dishing out the cocoa and icing sugar when i’m not looking.

After we did the mixing she got to pour it in the bowl and flatten the mixture. But most of the pieces that didnt want to flatten ended up in her mouth.

Then the fun part bagan.. The licking out of the bowls.

Welcome to my artsy arts and craft blog

My name is Gaynor and i’m mommy to a little toddler diva called Mbali. Recently I had an “ah ha”  moment as to why we are having such a hard time with my diva over the weekends. she was just bored. I’m a fulltime working mommy that works a 8-4pm job and is starting up her own photography business and usually the little spare time i have on the weekends tended to want to veg out infront of the TV. and my diva needs to be busy as she is in creche whole day and is stimulated constantly so vegging out infront of the TV on weekends just dont work for her. she is a free spirit and if she can be outside and climb and slide then she is the happiest.

For a month now I have been sharing with other moms about our weekly activity that i found on Pinterest. It has really sparked up my love for all things DIY and soon i started doing crafts i got from there. This blog is just a place for me to share everything I have tried on Pinterest and other super ideas that will be fun for little ones. and some DIY mommy projects too.

I will just post and see where it goes from here..