Pocket money

For a long time I Have been struggling to come up with how to teach my kids ( almost 6yrs and almost 3yrs) how money works and the concept of saving. They knew you have to have money to buy something and you cant just eat something in the shop without paying. Then my eldest started Primary school. And to instill their values at school ( Service, Persistance, Achievement, Responsibility & Knowledge) they have a value ticket system where each time they achieve one of the values they get a ticket which gets cashed in every second week for a reward. And so started my bright spark as I saw how eager my eldest was in getting her value tickets.

I started our chore ticket system. Our system is based on working for every Rand, no free hand outs. You have a daily chore ticket which has basic chores which amounts to R10 a week for my almost 6yr old and R5 for my almost 3 yr old.

Mba_daily chore

Then over the weekend they can make extra money if they help me out without me asking. Like sweeping, dusting, help do laundry etc

This whole week they were so excited to do chores and yesterday ( Sunday) they could cash in their tickets.chorechore2

After the Reward for each ticket was given they had to learn that every time they get money they have to save a portion. We set it to 10% of their earnings.

Lets hope the enthusiasm for doing their chores to earn pocket money lasts.


Glitter T-shirts

My girls are loving the new t-shirts they have been painting. And I thought of changing it up a little  from the normal fabric paint as i have fabric glue and tons of glitter. So the glitter t-shirt idea was born,

All you need is a Plain t-shirt, fabric glue and glitter, maskingtape or stencil. I outlined a Christmas tree with masking tape.0

Then gave each girl their own fabric glue in a container and told them to apply the glue inside the lines. and as you finish a section you sprinkle your glitter.


Then we let it dry.

Once it is dried we remove the masking tape.3

and your picture is done.  I cant wait to get my hands on different stencils to retry it. My girls loved their sparkly glittery t-shirts.4

Colour Matching

1This is a very simple activity to make. Made shapes in MS Word. Cut it out and glued it on a paperplate. 3

When I made the shapes I also made little rectangle shapes with the same colours. Print and cut it out and stuck it to wooden pegs.4

Then we are ready to match the colours.2

My eldest was very eager to show her baby sister how to match the colours. 5 6

Indoor play

When the weather is chilly and no-one feels like going out. You have to get very creative. Today i had to scratch deep in my box of magic tricks to keep me 2 divas occupied. Luckily i had a few games i made ages ago but havent introduced it to them yet.

1. Popsicle Memory game3

I found the template here. My girls love the memory games on my cellphone but thought it should be interesting to not play it on a device2My diva had tones of fun

2. DIY stone domino4

Found this idea here. My small diva uses the dominos to sort it by colour.5

My eldest diva can sort according to the numbers67

They loved it so much that we decided to go look for more rocks to make more dominos

3. Shape mixer8

this i didnt make but the girls found it non the less very exciting to match the shape.9

Then finally indulging in some jello..1

It kepr them out of mischief and boredom. So yay all around.

Cheesy Puff Pastries

My kids are always looking for something to nibble on. So decided to give this recipe a go. All you need is 2 ingredients, puff pastry and cheese of your choice. The girls had so much fun cutting out shapes after i rolled out the dough. i found the sandwich cutters to work very well.21Then came the fun part adding the grated cheese.3And of course my girls could help but to indulge in a hand or 2 of grated cheese.4

Then bake for 10-15 min in a preheated oven, and you are done.5Absolutely delightful little in between snacks.

Exercise with Kids {Toddler Dice}

I honestly cant fit a workout at the gym into my day. its just not realist for us. Therefore I started searching for exercises to do with the girls. Its better than nothing right? Well i came across this blog and thought this was a brilliant and i was definately going to try it.

I tried alot of different options to make the box but what ultimately worked for me was a baby toy blocks. they are light and bouncy.I sprayed them with Rust-oleum Chalkboard Spray. the chalkboard means i can change the instructions as we wish.1I choose to make 3 blocks. 2 to give directions and one to give me the number of repetitions. 2Then I took it for a test drive. Each girl got a chance to roll the Dye.3 6Then time to read what we need to do.4 7

Then hop to it.5We had an absolute blast trying to do some of the instructions, e.g jumping side ways, trying to march and skip at the same time, Kick backwards, fast marching. We loved every min of it and actually work up a bit of a sweat.

Can definately squeeze in 20mins of this into our day.

Milk Experiment

My girls teacher notified us that this weeks theme at school is blue object and i got a brain spark to do the milk experiment as we have blue food colouring.1

I have done this craft before a few years ago and now that my youngest can actively participate in such experiments I decided to give it a go. My eldest was too young to remember it.

I gave them a bowl with milk a few drops of blue food colouring in it. Each got a food skewer and a little bit of dish washing liquid in a separate container. You dip the skewer in the dish washing liquid and then dip stick in the milk and watch how the food colouring moves in all direct away from the skewer.237465