Picture to Doll

My dd has started drawing legible dolls. And i decided to take one of her master pieces and turn it into a doll. I contacted my friend Natalie Kukard and asked if she could do this. and i sent her a picture of the drawing. and before you know it we had our doll.

picture to dollMy diva immediately recognised it, she even said mommy that is me. And named it Purple Poweration. she is so attached to her doll.

Easter Egg hunt

Its easter time and this year is the first year that i’m doing the egg hunt with my girls. So i really wanted to give them a great experience.. I saw these bunny baskets on pinterest and asked a friend, Natalie Kukard that is very good with sewing to make it for us. and she did a brilliant job. My eldest favourite colour is purple so her basket accessories were purple and my little diva is pink. Though she is too young to take part this year i thought i make it so they can have the same when she actually is old enough to take part. 1

I woke at the crack of dawn to set everything up for the girls. I made a card for them explaining what the “bunny” did (hiding eggs around the garden. and he left 2 special bunny friends  to help them look.01 2I also made a “dora the explorer ” type map for my 4yr old to follow. Carport, garden, Through the gate & playhouse. i encorporated the map as we will be having a Dora the explorer party in a few weeks time. So it is a nice exercise to make her get use to the map reading as im also planning on doing a map hunt at the party.5Then it was off to the hunt. I bought a few chocolate eggs but most of it is plastic eggs filled with non chocolate goodies like mini chocoloate chip cookes, Animal crackers, Dry wors, Mini bubbles, Bracelets and other trinkets. I also put on pink and purple tags on the eggs. Pink was for little diva and purple tags for big diva. So when my 4yr old found eggs she immediately knew which one was hers and which one she had to give to her sister.4 I even found a Dora egg :-)

6And when everything was done she was very happy with her stash 7

Little Diva was also very excited. guess she was feeding off the excitement of big sister.8 9then it was time to taste. We found out toay that little diva is not a fan of the chocolate. she much rather preferred the salty treats we put in the plastic eggs. All in all it was a very exciting day. all my hard work and effort paid off in the end. So satisfying to see the joy in my kids faces.

Birthday Banner

My baby girl is turning 1 in a months time. we not doing a party but a family picnic. So I’m making a Name banner.

I used foam paper and cut out scalloped circles that i found here. I resized it for 2 sizes. I first printed the scalloped circles then then traced it onto the foam paper and cut.1I the glued the different colours ontop of each other. I then got wooden letters and painted them white.2Glue the letters onto the scalloped cut outs and glue it with a glue gun to the twain.3

Polka Dot plates and cups

I have been searching high and low for multi coloured polka dots plates and cups but i cant find things anywhere. So i decided to DIY some. i bought plain white cups and plates. With pencils with rubbers on the end and then the desired coloured paints.1Use a pencil eraser for each colour. Then polka dot away in random patterns till you get desired effect .23( the basket and extra cups was there to keep my little diva busy while me and my eldest did the crafts)

4once its dry it can by used. Then you can do the same for the plates

And these are mine for the party.

56Now i have polka dots plates and cups.

Bathtime fun: sponge tablets

I found these little beauties the other day at a shop. they are little sponge cut outs in the form of a pill. 4

They were 4 in a pack for R9.90. so i bought a couple of packs. there were a variety of themes to choose from. I choose water theme and fairies theme.

My diva then gets to through one in every night at bathtime.2and she eagerly wait to see what she will get. and then she loves playing with her surprise afterwards. here is her collection this far.3Just love seeing her expression when she discovers what it is.

Coconut Milk Ice Lollies

I wanted to make  healthy ice lollies for my kids and someone suggested using coconut milk. Which is brilliant because then my 10month old can also enjoy it. 1All I then needed was to add fruit. I choose blueberries. I blended a whole can of coconut milk. and blueberries (Disclaimer: using a whole can of coconut milk made it more coconutty than blueberry so next time i’ll use more blue berries and less milk.) and pour it in the cylicone ice lolly molds. I found cylicone moulds to be brilliant. could never figure out how to take an ice lollies out of those hard plastic molds 2I then let it sit in the freezer for a few hours. and tested it with my almost 4yr old.3to say it was a hit was an understatement5