Dress up tea party

This weekend is my only weekend off from my busy schedule of photoshoots. To make it special i decided to do a Tea party with my little divas. I ordered some felt cakes from Little bit of everything.

2 3 1-2It was very overcast day but set up in the garden anyways. Hanging some decor and ribbons in the trees.7 4I told My eldest she can invite 4 teddy friends and she invited Pooh bear, Violet, Purple Poweration and Rainbow. The were also dressed to a T. Pooh bear had a bow tie, and the girls had on tutu’s. 6-2I also set up a dress up basket where they could choose what to wear.12then they enjoyed chocolate dipped strawberries and red velvet mini cupcakes. The girls loved the straws for the Mini strawberry milk.13 5and after the teaparty we did a photobooth. I set up the tripod and remote.

9-210-2it started raining just as we started packing up. But all in all it was an absolute blast of an teaparty as even my littlest diva also enjoyed herself

Happy Father’s Day

My girls were very hard at work this last week in helping to get the fathers day presents done and wrapped.

1. My Daddy can fix anything sign.1

I did a little interview with my diva to see how she saw her daddy. And with the question ” what does daddy like to do” she answered ” Daddy likes to build my play house” Dh is busy building a play village for them in the back yard and renovating the wendy house. So this gave me my hint for the first present, a sign for dad’s tool shed. I wanted her to write a sign but as she is only 4 and cant write yet this was bit of a challenge. I decided to let her trace easy letters and i will write the rest. I got tracing activities for the F, X, I,Y. she already knew how to write her initial M. Every day we did a letter. The sign read “My daddy can fix anything.

I hot glued ice-cream sticks together and added some bits like nails and washers i found in the shed.

2. Super dad card4I bought a superman mug and came across this idea for a card. and thought it was absolutely superb for the mug idea.

3. Father Photo’s

5A few years ago when it was just My eldest i made a DAD collage. Dh wanted a dad sign in his mother tongue Xhosa. so as a surprise we did just this. I had very uncooperative baby that day but managed to get the shots.

And just a little behind the scene photos if you think my kids are always camera ready. Majority of the time as soon as i step away from her to take the photo that day she broke out the water works. so getting those 2 shots for the collage was a little miracle.1




Teachers Day

My kids school has one day during the year where the kids can spoil the teachers. They work so hard to shape these little minds that i wanted to do something special for them to show our appreciation. But not only for the teachers but everyone involved at the school in making it so successful, from the teachers assistants to the cleaners to the cooks and the substitutes and the management. I wanted to make special biscuits with a message tag ” thanks for making me 1 smart cookie”.  I contacted the baker Charlene from  MMM Macaroons that made my divas birthday cake ( because i cant bake to save my life),  I told her my idea for biscuits and she immediate had an idea for what i wanted. We decided on red apples with messages on. And it came out absolutely suberb. I love Charlene’s work.

For the teachers of each class we made a special biscuit with their name on.

12and then special messages on the other cookies for the other teachers.

3and we packaged it in a paper CD sleeve.4then it was time to deliver it at school5We also made a special gift for teacher Kirsty.  The school is expanding and their class is moving to a new classroom. so i made a door sign for Teacher Kirsty’s class. Mbali was super excited to give this gift. It was a letter “K” in the new class’s colour scheme Purple, Lime Green and Turquoise. 6I painted the letter “K” turquoise and used lime green around the edges. Bought individual wooden letters painted it purple with lime green around the edges  with a purple ribbon to hang it up.








Mbali is 4: Dora the explorer ballerina party

when i asked Mbali a few months back what cake she wanted for her Birthday. without fail she said a Dora ballerina cake. That i took as a cue for what her party theme will be. And started planning. The I knew i couldnt do this all by myself I decided to enlist the help of party planner Elana from Events by Elana. I explained to her my concept and she immediately sprang into action organising everything.

Mbali’s favourite colour is purple and then pink is a close second. So we decided to go very girly sorbet pink and purple.

1Elana had a custom frilly table cloth made to go with the ballerina theme.

2 6The Macaroons was absolutely to die for from MMM Macaroons

IMG_9341Elana’s attention to detail is absolutely astounding. I love this sign she made.

IMG_9344IMG_9347 IMG_9342 IMG_9282 IMG_9275The kids tables had a little backpack with sweetties in and a map to go on a hunt.

IMG_9286 IMG_9360 IMG_9293 IMG_9295 (I absolutely adore these picnic style tables)

The Cake was a masterpiece in itself.

5Then it was time for a bit of Dora the explorer activities. When all the kids weren’t looking we hid the cake under the table so i gathered the kids and broke the news. Mbali was distraught when she found that Swiper the fox has swiped the cake. But soon cheered up when i told her they will have to go look for the cake via the map. The venue we choose  Willow feather farm had a perfect setting for this expedition.8It read: Through the jungle gym, Pass the animal farm and then to the party house.

IMG_9478So first all the kids had to read the map.

10and the jungle gym was up next.

17after everyone went through the jungle gym it was map reading time again. and off to the farm area where the kids could feed the animals11Then the last stage was back to the party house where the cake was once again and it was singing happy birthday time.12And next was cutting the cake.IMG_926913IMG_9618Mbali was so excited when she saw the cake was purple inside. And not only did this cake look stunning but it tasted devine. You know a cake is good when at the end of the party there is almost no cake left.

15Mbali didnt even want to leave her cake alone :-)

14Thanks to my friend Karin Meiring that attend my party and took some pics of my family so i could edit it later.


Birthday countdown

May is a very busy birthday month. My Divas 4th birthday was coming up and as she is the last one to have her birthday in our household and she was so good at waiting it out while everyone else had their birthday I wanted to do a count down to her birthday and make a real big fuss about it.

I found this Christmas countdown calendar on sale at one of the shops on sale for dirt cheap.  It has 1-12 little bags which I filled with small in expensive little gifts.


Every day she opens a little bag to reveal a little gift.1 Day 12: Marshmellows


Day 11: M&M’s

I choose M&M’s because it is her initial and she now recognizes her name. So was a double treat for her to see the sweet had her name on.5Day 10: Hair Bow


Day 09: Bubbles


Day 8: Bracelet


Day 7: Fruit Dainties


Day 6: Money

Every week my diva has tuck shop day at school. So this gift was towards her tuckshop day.


Day 5: Bracelet #2


Day 4: Foam tablet (did not take a picture of the tablet but it is similar to this one)


Day 3: Bubbles #2


Day 2: Bow #2


Day 1: Happy Birthday

I put part of her birthday present in there which was a puzzle of doc McStuffins as we bought the whole Doc Mcstuffins Medical Kit.


My diva really enjoyed this and this little count down didn’t cost a arm and a leg as some of the gifts was in pairs which I could divide between days like the bows and the bubbles.





Little diva’s 1st Birthday

we have a family tradition for the first birthday we have an intimate family picnic. We do not have any family living close to us and therefore with each birth we welcome the new baby into our family alone and because of this we have the birthday the same way as we celebrated the birth.

I wanted to make it special and tried to make some décor for the picnic. I decided on a polkadot theme as her eating mat is polkadot and she knew it was mealtime once I brought out the sheet.

I never knew it was such an impossible mission to get multi coloured polkat party things. That I ended au Diy’ing most of the décor.


I wanted to attempt a smash the cake shoot but my little diva had other plans. We recently found that she doesn’t like sweet things she is a savoury kinda girl. But I hoped that a smash cake would go down nice. But no it didn’t. she had one taste of the icing and crawled away.970303_10203926345858235_4378763781726667290_n 1979889_10203926347018264_6355391754030410268_nThis is my favourite. she almost planted her face in the cake but at the last minute decided its not for her and crawled away.


I set up my tripod and remote control to get some funny photos of us. My eldest was in charge of the remote. Made for very interesting photos.8And here is the birthday girl in her special birthday glasses.





Birthday Photoshoot

My diva turned 1 and My eldest turned 4  2weeks later so I decided to do a little photoshoot for the girls. It is one of our birthday traditions. We have been doing birthday photoshoots since my first turned one. Its so amazing to see how they have grown from year to year. Can you believe how time has gone by so fast.

I bought these beautiful flutter pettiskirts from 4akid

10153199_445748112194836_2959407454849111940_n 10255127_445748062194841_6547816613865692611_n





We were driving home and came across a patch of trees where the leaves has fallen and I stopped took my girls out and instructed my eldest to throw the leaves in the air.